be a peace maker

be a peace maker
any which way you can
hate is boiling over in this world
be a lover of life
be a kind being

work for dignity
humanity for all
give compassion
arise into the

joyful fun
of life on earth
work the good in all
the sweetness in me
honors the sweetness
in you
we are joy lovers

we are peace lovers
let’s celebrate life

~ janice wilson

Prem Rawat on BBC iPlayer Radio Bristol, UK.

This one starts 19 minutes into the BBC’s Radio Bristol program. Prem Rawat talks about the new ‘Inside Peace’ movie and the amazing effect of Peace Education Programs. Use the control at the bottom of the screen to move forward into the radio program. From today, July 14th, the program will be only be available for another 4 days.

A sweet Eric Clapton track follows Prem’s interview. 🙂

Prem Rawat visits Japan in October 2016

more here and seat reservations —

Dear Friends,

This is a special year for Prem Rawat, author of Splitting the Arrow and we at Bunya would like to congratulate him on 50 years of truly magnificent work.

Prem Rawat’s new book Splitting the Arrow continues to gain momentum, with over 50,000 copies printed so far and 15 language versions confirmed.

With such impressive sales figures within its first year the book is shaping up to become a global phenomenon.

Last month 5000 donated “Kifubon” copies of Splitting the Arrow were delivered to South Africa and are being warmly received in townships and prisons around the country.

Bunya publishing are delighted to announce a live event with Prem Rawat in October of 2016.

The Heartbeat of South Africa

With 200 PEPs running concurrently, interviews, meetings with officials, numerous visits to African ‘homelands’ with events all over the place that have not been publicized, enthusiasm off the charts, a visiting Australian gentleman reports, ” I have never seen Prem so excited. He doesn’t want to leave.” Wherever he goes he is greeted by brass bands and dancing in the street. I’m not kidding! This is really happening! Every night he plays a beautiful cover version of John Lennon’s Imagine.

The interview above was the start to a program that included Prem’s first try at talk-back radio. The switchboard was jammed. Before the program began, they told him he would have an audience of around 10 million. Afterwards they told him, “Sorry, we made a mistake. The program was relayed to other stations, and the audience was 24 million.”

Its out of the box. Due to the success of the Peace Education Programs, people all over South Africa and other African countries are picking up on this and running with it.

Yesterday at Amaroo I had the pleasure of seeing this short video followed by a very quietly spoken gentleman who conveyed the news I’ve reported above. Its all happening folks, in Africa at least. 🙂

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I’m thinking I might be better at some other endeavor.

There comes a time in life when everything that you possibly could have asked for is asked and you either worked your ass off at something or you just don’t care anymore…because time has slipped away in useless endeavors.
All I have to add is a heart felt Thank You Mr Geoff for keeping this place vital and functioning.
‘Tis a great site..a fresh clean place for a new beginning.
I look forward in the coming weeks and months and years to return here to learn stuff and write my insights as the heavy darkness yields to the light of consciousness.
Yeah so stick it where the sun don’t shine ya lousy wankers.
(I added that last line for all the bi-polars out there who blindside all of us from time to time on social media…I’m thinking of my friend up in Canada from Edmonton who is a grand champion at such journalistic wizardry trickery.