Amaroo 2016: Not an event ~ a Celebration

Prem was right. This was no ordinary event. In every sense it was a celebration of 50 years of unrelenting effort on his part. He set out from the start to convey his ideas about a lot of topics that he doesn’t normally address at public events. He covered so much that any attempt by me to paraphrase bits of it would be almost insulting. Instead I’ll recount just a little of it in terms of my own transformation over 5 days, having the reset button pushed, stripping away layers of internal rubbish, and soaking up food for the heart  that was off the scale of any chart I could imagine.

If you weren’t there and you are reading this, my words probably seem odd. Call it an event or call it a celebration, it was outside the realm of normal human experience. A video of the first day is available at timeless today. Lets hope more becomes available soon.

A lot of people want to meet Prem Rawat, to talk with him and maybe spend some time with him. I don’t. The idea has never appealed to me. For starters, I don’t like to intrude. I value my own privacy, so I can understand that Prem would also value his. He gave me an absolutely priceless gift, and he keeps on giving, but after trying to thank him, what would there be left to say? I’m just happy to be there in the audience, and to soak it in. If I got to meet him, would same dynamic be happening?

Tuesday morning was riveting. Time disappeared. At one point he shouted, “Some people don’t get it! This is not a business! There’s no contract. I don’t get paid to be here. I do it because I love it.” At about that point he became quite emotional as the audience responded with a standing ovation. It’s the transformation he sees. He wants to see us “reach our full potential.”

Therein lies the challenge – to do something I’ve never done before. Its so easy to practice for an hour, get up and revert to the same reactionary behaviour that happens around me. That has to change. Its time I let a bit of clarity manifest.

Every day was amazing. It was a joy to be there. I’ll be away due to commitments but I’ll jot down a few notes and maybe add more when circumstances permit. There will be detailed accounts elsewhere, but I’ve got to add that Daya has the most amazing voice. Her version of John Lennon’s song, Imagine, is something else. I should also add that he thanked us all profusely for the help that we have / are giving him.stagetrail1trail2chris_dayapavilionfoodalleyfoodalley2relentlessrelentless2

garland of breath ~ poem

~ garland of breath ~

the most priceless necklace we can wear
more exquisite than gold or jewels
is the breath coming in , going out
crowning us with life alive
honoring us again and again
do we notice it ?
do we accept this precious gift ?
even one moment of acknowledgement
fills us with ultimate joy
wow , my oh my
I give a sigh of gratefulness
the most supreme god
life god has crowned me with breath
I am silly , giggly with enjoyment
honored by the Divine
the most auspicious god of all time
loves me , what a hoot
this life breath is most fantastic
yippee thank You

~ janice barden wilson

Prem returns to the Heart of West Africa

In August Prem Rawat Spoke at Four West African Events in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Benin.
Along the way, Prem was declared a Chief in Côte d’Ivoire. chiefThis extraordinary event attracted media coverage from the national station,
plus 13 local radio stations, as
well as 6 newspapers. Collating and translating their many reports is already underway.
Before he departed, touched by such enthusiasm for his message from people throughout the region,
Prem promised he would  return to West Africa soon.

Free Audio Download!

Eversound is offering a free download of John Adorney’s lovely instrumental ‘An Ocean In The Drop’ with some timeless words of wisdom by Prem Rawat.

Get yours now. 🙂

On the road with Louise ~ from her blog

“Yesterday, I had the privilege of visiting the Food For People facility in Otinibi, Ghana.

I’ve been pretty lost for words since, which can happen when the heart gets touched.

Instead, I wanted to share a few photos with you, which might give you a gist of what the experience was like.

I’ll be writing a feature story for The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) who sponsors the Food For People programs in Ghana, India and Nepal.

We also shot interviews with students, teachers and kitchen staff for a potential new video.

More on that later.

For now: Thank you for the opportunity to experience an initiative that truly changes people’s lives.

With love,”


the pot with the hole — Kifubon project

Dear Friends,

Bunya publishing is pleased to announce that over 1300 copies of The Pot with the Hole (illustrated book) have been donated to the Kifubon project which is enough to cover the first phase of donations within Japan.

Many of these books were donated by people in Japan who have read the first book Splitting the Arrow and become fans of Prem and his message very recently.

446 of the books will be donated to elementary schools and 118 to public libraries in the Fukushima region affected by the tsunami in 2011.

570 books are headed for each of Japans orphanages.

A further 238 books will be sent to care centres and hospitals that look after children with severe disabilities. Bunya received a written request from a parent to expand the Kifubon program to include these facilities and we were delighted to respond.

The next phase of the Kifubon donation project hopes to deliver 8700 of the illustrated books to orphanages and educational facilities around the world across all continents. That will lead to a grand total of 10,000 copies donated globally.

In the age we live in with so much negativity and anger, we at Bunya feel that Prem’s message has an important role to play in helping humanity find a way forward.

We welcome you to participate in this wonderful project.

Some of the donated books have already been delivered and Bunya has received some pictures of the happy recipients.

The children have read the stories in Splitting the Arrow and have been eagerly awaiting the fully illustrated version of The Pot with the Hole.

Enfukuji orphanage

Tsutsumi Nursery

Phoenix care center

Details of the Kifubon project and upcoming events in Japan and more can be found on our website:


As always we would like to thank you for your support.

Yutaka Kinoshita

President of Bunya Publishing