TPRF Forums with Prem Rawat in South Africa

One of the points that Rawat emphasizes is self-awareness. “Knowing yourself begins with a simple introspection and then there is a very beautiful way to be able to do this introspection through a programme that I’m offering called the Peace Education Programme. It has benefited so many people – in prisons, in military, in the police force; everybody is discovering that they are not limited by their own imagination but there is a whole dimension to understand that there is courage in you. When you understand the courage within, you start to understand who you are. You understand that the components that are within you are powerful – kindness is in you all the time of course so is anger and hatred but joy is in you, love, understanding, forgiveness and we have only used one spectrum of ourselves – hate. People are convinced that attaining peace is not possible. Without peace the fabric of society is going to fall apart. Nothing is gluing us together.”

TPRF Forums with Prem Rawat Garner Press Coverage in South Africa

December 10th…

My message is about the possibility 
of the ultimate betterment 
of a human being ~ 
not of mankind, not of a country, 
not of a social belief, but of a human being. 

And it is not through religion or doctrine,
 nor through ideas or concepts. 
Neither is it through hearsay or repetition, 
or through the ‘sheep effect.’ 

It is through each individual exploring 
and finding the beauty within themselves. ~ Prem Rawat

…and that’s why this web site exists.



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Prem Rawat Birthday Tea Party Capetown December 10th Invitation
Great Non Profit Organisations

Lucknow 13th November 2016 ~ Golden Jubilee Celebration ~ with English translation
Bengaluru 13th November 2016 ~ Golden Jubilee Celebration ~ with English translation
TPRF review ~ one of many
“There are many great nonprofits which deserve our support. My personal choice is TPRF As well as its humanitarian aid centered around key essentials such as clean water ,nutritious food and eye care it provides a inspiring message of peace regardless of race religion or lifestyle. Its Peace Education Programs – designed to be used in a variety of organizations – have recently nurtured the feeling of peace in many prison environments throughout the world. TPRF’s core people are small in number but large in heart. This enables that the maximum amount of funds end up where the most good can be done. The Foundation chooses their partners wisely to facilitate aid as quickly as possible and to support self reliance and accountability amongst recipients. With great confidence I can recommend this Foundation to anyone wanting to make a difference.”  by Gary M







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Prem Rawat to speak South Africa 7th and 9th December
Peace Education in South Africa
Hooray for Peace Education in Katlehong South Africa
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Celebration Event in Mauritius December 4th

Prem Rawat addresses the Peace Corps of Malaysia

Timeless Today 36500 Chinese proverb
Former Prime Minister of Nepal visits food for people Facility Nepal
“I’d like to thank all of the people contributing to the establishment and operation of this noble program.” –

 K. P. Oil, former Prime Minister of Nepal, during a recent visit to the Food for People facility in Dhading.

 He’s pictured here in the red jacket sitting with Food for People staffers.

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