LIEberals and the Conservative disease

abbottlieberalSome aspects of Australian society are arse-about-face. For example, the conservatives call themselves the Liberal Party, but their is nothing ‘liberal’ about their philosophy. I call them the LIEberals. They pretend that ‘Trickle Down’ economics actually works. Prime minister Turnbull has a “plan” to trickle down “jobs and growth.”

The plan involves giving $50 billion of tax payers money to corporations and banks. Much of it will end up in the bank accounts of foreign investors. At best, it is forecast to deliver 1% growth and very few jobs. The $50 billion tax giveaway will have to be funded by cuts in government spending and sales of assets such as Medicare. Turnbull claims that Medicare will never be sold. He’s lying!                                                                                   13494969_10154336012096789_1067988822767018753_n






The July 2016 election is over and the LIEberal have been returned to government with a volatile senate and a lower house majority of only one. The senate will probably block many of the Lieberal’s most damaging initiatives.

Australia’s geographical isolation could be the nation’s greatest advantage. U.S. Doco film maker, Michael Moore, predicts that Donald Trump – “This wretched, ignorant, dangerous part-time clown and full-time sociopath is going to be our next (US) president.” Let’s hope that distance gives Australia some degree of protection.