More quotes: Prem Rawat at Brighton , June 24th

“The priority has to be life. Life is about understanding the breath.
Breath is the manifestation of life that ripples through the whole Universe. It makes it possible for you to be, to exist.”

“Only your understanding can make you perfect”

“Now you have exchanged the finite with the infinite. You have become the greatest alchemist.”

“That is when this existence becomes timeless”

“This breath is timeless.”

“Human beings start the wars. They can also end them”

“Only your understanding can make you perfect”

“Find the joy and kindness inside yourself”



Four questions are important in our life:

1. Do you care too much, what others think about you?

Don’t !

2. Do you like yourself, the one you truly are?

Please do!

3. Have you gotten in touch with yourself, the one you truly are?

4. Have you gotten in touch with that part in you, that wants to celebrate this existence?

Because you exist, you can love peace. Have you gotten in touch with that part inside you? Do you know yourself?

That can be the highest accomplishment of your life.

Prem Rawat, June 24th Brighton

Amaroo: Gripes, Tips, Good Times

First the gripes…

In spite of the best planning and intentions, systems don’t always work as they should. Enthusiasm and best intentions aren’t always perceived in that light. Over at the Amaroo Facebook page someone wrote…
“So the fear of “don’t miss out on this” advertising is needed to support these Events? Who is guiding this sort of direction? What’s next, Coca Cola sponsorship …..? ( and how do the poorest followers of Prem , or the aspirants in jails, view the enticingly pompous ” Glamping” accommodation etc. !
Seems like there’s should be a simple invitation to all those who can make it. Not, an “invite” to the wealthier, the better types, will be more welcome!”
‘Amaroo’ replied…
“Reading the comments here I see we need to clarify a few things. Firstly please go to the Registration Link here and read this page carefully. Special circumstances and financial hardship are both covered. As well the Swagman Campground offers a very reasonable package for the week.The post is here to alert people that the generous early bird pricing finishes on June 21st. There is no other intent.”

I wasn’t impressed with the seemingly excessive cost of registration this year until I discovered that “the cost calculation for each guest at Amaroo is about $AU 450 (based on last year’s numbers). This covers provision of clean toilets, fresh water, security, medical, shuttles and all basic services for a simple guest walking in. Last year’s discount price of $AU180 did not cover the cost … and actually made a loss.” And…”There are a couple of reasons for the different fees for onsite and offsite guests. Onsite guests are supporting Amaroo with the cost of their accommodation, so their entry fee is lower, whereas offsite guests are only paying the entry fee. Also, we are keen to encourage people to stay onsite, as the logistics are difficult with more people staying offsite.”

To my great surprise I heard recently that some folk who were quite well off had scammed their way into previous Amaroo events with a minimal contribution or none at all. This year, “Other people may be in difficult or even dire circumstances but not be eligible for the Newstart allowance and may even be dependent on charitable support. Once again these cases will be referred to the Board of Directors for a decision.
Please send your request directly to the General Enquiries Helpdesk for a discounted entry fee if you receive another allowance outside of those stated here or are in difficult financial circumstances and not on welfare or student payments.”
So, entry does not depend on anyone’s bank balance. Keep in mind that a venue of this quality is not cheap to continually upgrade and maintain.
Some people have had issues registering on-line, for example. That happened to me last year due to the loss of my smart card. Eventually I got it sorted. Hang in there.


1. For those folk planning a trip down under in September, don’t book your departure flight any earlier than late afternoon on the day after the event.  On the day following the event you can guarantee that there will be a high demand for those early morning buses. Don’t risk a morning flight. Shuttle buses are supposed to start running at 4AM the day following the event and in the evening until 8PM from an hour after the event ends.

2. ‘The Swag’ has always been my favourite option, but if you are taking your own tent, please remember to take a blow up mattress or something to insulate your sleeping bag from the ground. A ground sheet won’t do the job. I can tell you that from personal experience. The ground gets pretty cold at night.

Good times
Guaranteed in my experience. This video says it all without words.

That reminded me of the 1970s, but much better. I suddenly feel terribly old.

Down on the farm ~ the vegies, the chooks, the piglets, the wallabies…

This is the promotional film clip for the farm. It had its World Premiere on Sunday.It will show on the Peak Organics website and on the Peak Organics Face Book page.

Posted by Amaroo on Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Emotional Intelligence

Thanks Janice for the link to this article. Excellent stuff! Here are a couple of samples:

Neutralize Toxic People (No, don’t kill them!)
Dealing with difficult people is frustrating and exhausting for most. High EQ individuals control their interactions with toxic people by keeping their feelings in check. When they need to confront a toxic person, they approach the situation rationally. They identify their own emotions and don’t allow anger or frustration to fuel the chaos. They also consider the difficult person’s standpoint and are able to find solutions and common ground. Even when things completely derail, emotionally intelligent people are able to take the toxic person with a grain of salt to avoid letting him or her bring them down.

Don’t Let Anyone Limit Your Joy
When your sense of pleasure and satisfaction are derived from the opinions of other people, you are no longer the master of your own happiness. When emotionally intelligent people feel good about something that they’ve done, they won’t let anyone’s opinions or snide remarks take that away from them. While it’s impossible to turn off your reactions to what others think of you, you don’t have to compare yourself to others, and you can always take people’s opinions with a grain of salt. That way, no matter what other people are thinking or doing, your self-worth comes from within.

A Poem From Janice

forever sings sweetly

last night the moon was soft , beautiful
the fireflies were all flash dancing
I was there too
seeing , feeling , being
being breathed to life
this says to me
all is well , enjoy , trust
be in the beauty , contentment , sweetness
love of life on earth
feel the heaventime now
( within my heart being )
trust , walk across the waters of life
bathe in them now
taste the sweet nectar of a living body
delightfully, happily , celebrate life
life god loves me here and now
no worries about later
living in peace
of course we rest in peace
love breathing life now
no worries , forever sings sweetly

~ janice barden – wilson

Bombs: “They can’t be used for unplugging your toilet.”

From Belfast, 21st June

…”if you are into selling bombs you want to make sure people keep fighting and killing each other…
The ones who are in this kind of business are the ones who REALLY run the politicians and the governments!”
Prem Rawat, 21st June 2017

“Say you are in the business of making and selling candy bars.
Wouldn’t you make publicity for them, making t’shirts with candy
bars on them, making sure as many people as possible would buy them?
Now, if instead of candy bars you manufactured bombs…..wouldn’t you want people to use them as much as possible? It’s not like bombs are multifunctional. They can’t be used for unplugging your toilet when it gets blocked for instance! You can’t use it either as a vase for your flowers when you are not fighting. The only thing you can use it for is destruction. Massive destruction.
So obviously , if you are into selling bombs you want to make sure people keep fighting and killing each other! We are talking about billions of dollars. Not millions, but BILLIONS!!
The ones who are in this kind of business are the ones who REALLY run the politicians and the governments!”
Prem Rawat in Belfast, Ireland, 21st of June 2017.

This is true, and so timely. Prem has a wonderful way with words.

News from the Belfast event

I attended the Belfast event. The evening was themed with the accent on ‘Belonging.’ The format for the event was , for me, unexpected. The evening began with a local stand up comic taking to the stage. as what appeared to be a warm up act for the audience.
Personally I didn’t need warming up I just wanted to hear Prem speak. Eventually Prem was introduced and came on stage to a standing ovation. He took his position on a 2 seater couch against an orange backdrop – very informal – and began to play with the audience. He spoke about the recent heatwave in the UK and brought it back to the time when planet earth was just a mass of burning rock. He explained how everything we now know stemmed from that. thus we’re all alive and belong, We’re all part of that evolution.
He spoke about current times and how peace had been lost. Again he toyed with the audience asking who has created this. Saying it wasn’t the polar bears it wasn’t the squirrels etc, and in fact it was us, the human being. Continuing the animal theme he pointed out how the animals don’t intellectualize they just get on with what they’re doing. He expanded by speaking about the squirrel, describing it as like a rat with a fluffy tail, but was an incredible gardener. This little animal collects an buries seeds but forgets where he buries most of them. because of that simple natural act whole forests grow. He went on to speak about how a lit candle will light another candle without diminishing it’s own brightness and how we don’t need a clear path ahead of us we just need light to see the obstacles.
The fact that we’re alive means we belong, and to really feel this we need to know ourselves There was a 30 minute break where the audience were invited to text question. The second part of the event took the form of an interview. The local comic being the interviewer. Although Prem was very funny in the interview putting his unique perspective on modern living it got a bit political by bringing Trump into the conversation. Another wonderful event that seemed to be appreciated by all. I’m sure Ive missed lots out. Jeff G


Nice recall Jeff. It reminded me of the part where he said that if we are all in a room and the lights go out does that mean that we all disappeared…? No…the lights are just out and it is dark so we cannot see each but we are all still there. We just have to wait for the lights to come back on to see each other. He also spoke again about each one having a special talent and using it and the need to know who we are in order to know and use our talent. He spoke about how this moment has been billions of years in the making to arrive where we each are today and to “put on your make up and get on with the show”. He spoke about how amazing seeds are that they can exist for thousands of years in the Earth just waiting for the perfect moment when they will bloom. He spoke about the need to have hope. Amy S

He also spoke about the very unpopular president of a very great country and how it is being made ungreat and…some great analogies. He said that someone has to say it. He said the world needs hope and that he is trying…. Very heart-pulling kindness.

Where have all the videos gone?

A while ago I felt the need for some inspiration, and I went looking for one of Prem Rawat’s videos – something that seemed right for the occasion. Up came the Words of Peace Global web site, but where were all the videos? The short selections, the full one hour plus selections, the themed selections, the interviews, and the very short ‘wake up and check out reality’ videos; none could be found. Then I went over to you tube, typed in Prem Rawat, and WALLA! There they all were. It makes sense I suppose.

Colours of the mind ~ Translation of a radio Interview with Prem Rawat at Mumbai, 21st April 2017.

Interviewer: Is it possible for a person who is living in a city like Mumbai or any other Metropolitan city, where people are always in hurry and rushing to their work and in this hurry everyone seems to be very worried, so is it possible to experience peace in such condition or it very hard to achieve the same?

Prem Rawat: There are many colours of the mind. The mind is always changing its colour. He is very rare whose mind does not change colour. One who ready to be in a state of single colour, the colour that emits from inside of every human, the colour that is already present, the colour that doesn’t needs to be brought from somewhere else.

Be it any city – Mumbai, New York or any metropolitan city people are in a constant race of acquiring the colour they see, the colour that is constantly changing and not the true colour they hold within themselves.

Everything that we see outside is going to change and as we make our move to acquire things that are not within us, the want will never be satisfied.

Interviewer: As we are living here in Mumbai, every other person that lands in this city has aspirations that are predefined either be it having their looks that resemble the celebrities etc. (Mumbai is home to Bollywood).
Is it correct for the people who are constantly running behind such things or is it wrong??

Prem Rawat: It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about why people are running behind such things, because they are not aware about their true self. If they know who they actually are, that would be something beneficial. In a similar situation where a deer roams the forest in search of that peculiar smell of musk, ignorant of the fact that the smell is emanating from himself.

The thing that we are searching for outside is inside of us ,and if we are introduced to ourself we won’t be running outside to imitate somebody else. People are not aware about themselves and are trying to become someone or imitate someone that they actually aren’t. But if people realize that even they are humans and even we are the same, the process of imitation would eventually end. The thing that resides within us is also residing in all other humans on the face of this planet. That is equalizer, the Grand equalizer.

I am not saying that having an ambition in life is a bad thing, but the ambition should be in a moderate state. At a point where the ambition exceeds the limit of moderation then it becomes hurtful and eventually leads to a phase where it becomes very difficult for a person to realign himself with the truth.

Interviewer: So the introduction to self is the most important thing. Whenever people introduce themselves they describe their life, good job, the salary etc, yet there is need for something more, people lack satisfaction. What are your views about that?

Prem Rawat: Because we have already defined a formula for everything, whenever you ask someone – Are you successful? – the thing with success is that it’s not objective it’s subjective. It means a person should feel it regardless of the fact that the person owns a car, mansion, etc. A person should feel successful within himself, and the materialistic things shouldn’t be used a parameter to define success.

e.g. If I have food in front of me also in my refrigerator and also in my car that doesn’t mean that I’m not hungry, If I have not had the food, obviously I would be hungry. Similarly there is no formula for both hunger as well as being successful when they are measured in the parameters of possessing things.

Coming to the point we tend to forget that the true satisfaction resides within each one of us, because the formulas defined by the world tell us to do this and that, but the real satisfaction is deep within.

Things that we see outside are our wants and not our needs. There is no problem in fulfilling our wants, but one should remember that the need is to be fulfilled first. Peace is our need, not want. ‘Want’ can be anything like television, telephone, etc, So the satisfaction lies within us and peace is our fundamental Need.

Interviewer: A question from one of the listeners: Whenever a person talks on the topic of peace with the youngsters, they rarely understand it, nor they are interested in conversation about the same, so what should be done?

Prem Rawat: There is word called Boring. They have predefined peace as boring, they want to have parties, they want fun, want excitement in their lives, and when they hear anything about peace they think they need to venture out on some of the peaks of the Himalayas, or go to a temple instead and this is peace, i.e., boring.

No, peace isn’t boring, peace is the most exciting thing there is because peace is already inside of you. Peace has always been within you and wants to dance with you, wants to party with you, what kind of party? Party of life, party of living, party of this existence, party of being alive, breathing, seeing. Understanding all these things defines peace. Peace is not that you are sitting all alone, not talking to anyone by closing your eyes.

People who know what real peace is, experience it with their eyes open, experience it by open heart by embracing every second of this life not by shunning, but by embracing taking it along with themselves. This is peace and it isn’t Boring.

Interviewer: Absolutely right. Listening to you I guess peace is something that brings a lot of positivity and encourages us to do more with life.

Prem Rawat: Yes, this is exciting, this is the life.