Germany ~ been there, done that …1933

horrorclownCon man, Bullshit artist, White supremacist, misogynist, Says he can fix everything, Advocated jailing his opponent, Wants to deport a racial minority, denies the reality of climate change, has just appointed a new secretary of defense known as ‘Mad Dog.’ – Did I leave anything out?

OK, He he wants a wall instead of a blitzkrieg.

Prediction: The number of Mexicans illegally entering the United States is likely to be exceeded by US citizens escaping to Canada and other countries.

garland of breath ~ poem

~ garland of breath ~

the most priceless necklace we can wear
more exquisite than gold or jewels
is the breath coming in , going out
crowning us with life alive
honoring us again and again
do we notice it ?
do we accept this precious gift ?
even one moment of acknowledgement
fills us with ultimate joy
wow , my oh my
I give a sigh of gratefulness
the most supreme god
life god has crowned me with breath
I am silly , giggly with enjoyment
honored by the Divine
the most auspicious god of all time
loves me , what a hoot
this life breath is most fantastic
yippee thank You

~ janice barden wilson