Amaroo 2017

On September 11th, four and a half thousand people converged on Amaroo, A.K.A. Ivory’s Rock Convention Centre. For some, it was a chance to catch up with old friends and acquaintances, or to leave their jobs and businesses behind for a while, to breathe fresh air, and relax in comfort in a beautiful, natural setting far from the hassle of city life and carping political point scorers. Primarily we were there for the best of times, to see and hear Prem Rawat.

This point is where I struggle to find words. A week with this man goes way beyond inspiration. He embraces the core of what it means to be human in a way that is kind, often funny, and utterly transforming. I went there full of accumulated shit. I left there a human being, deeply grateful to be alive.

We had a small contingent of hired security guards to keep out potential trouble makers. Perhaps because they are trained to be observant, they picked up on it. By the end of the week they were relaxed, happy, with eyes shining. One young bloke said to me, “This is the best job I’ve ever had.”

Amphitheatre seating was computer generated to give a different seat each day so that everyone got a seat relatively close to the front on at least one out of five days. On Thursday afternoon as I walked past a gentleman who was reclining against the grass verge at the back, I commented, “That’s a great beard you’ve got there, mate!” We struck up a conversation, and he asked me if I had a good seat that day. “No, not really,” I replied, although any seat in that place is a good seat in my opinion. Its just that some are better than others. “Well, take my seat,” he said, explaining that he had a bad back and couldn’t sit in a chair for two hours again that day. Tony, if you ever get to read this, Thank You! On Monday I scored a seat very close to the front and directly in front of Prem. Tony’s seat was not so close, but nearly as good. Greetings also to Meagan, the very talented young lady who sat next to me with her sketch pad. “I thank you from the heart of my bottom,” said with a Hindi accent. I think she will remember.

Prem’s eldest daughter was the MC on day one. Before introducing her dad, she asked everyone not to post any of the event on social media. Someone ignored her and posted some of the first day on ‘faceless’ book. Out of respect I won’t be posting anything about the events here, but I will email a couple of people privately.

I can happily report that the Peace Education Program has been – and continues to be – a huge success internationally. Although in it’s infancy, the Kofubon book project has been highly acclaimed and equally successful, and the Peace Education Program With Keys will be released soon. On December 10th a new app will be released. This thing does everything except make your morning coffee. If it had arms and legs it could even manage that.

A pictorial cruise around the pavilion will give readers a bit of the flavour of Amaroo outside the morning and afternoon event times. Shopping centres would be a lot less expensive to establish if they were set up this way.




A bit of Aussie Kulcha for the entertainment of our readers.

Dear Reader,

Here are some offerings from the land down under ~ best enjoyed over a cup of good coffee or a cold beer (maybe a glass of chardonnay for Melbourne based wankers).

Entrapment by Bill Kearns. This hilarious poem explores the dangers of plastic chairs.

Bapa ~ an incredibly beautiful song by Australian aboriginal, Gurrumul Yunupingu. I don’t understand a word of it, but it’s straight from the heart and sung by a man with the voice of an angel.

Simply Bushed

Goldstone  A friend of mine commented that you would have to be Australian to understand and appreciate this truly excellent movie. You be the judge.

Amaroo: Gripes, Tips, Good Times

First the gripes…

In spite of the best planning and intentions, systems don’t always work as they should. Enthusiasm and best intentions aren’t always perceived in that light. Over at the Amaroo Facebook page someone wrote…
“So the fear of “don’t miss out on this” advertising is needed to support these Events? Who is guiding this sort of direction? What’s next, Coca Cola sponsorship …..? ( and how do the poorest followers of Prem , or the aspirants in jails, view the enticingly pompous ” Glamping” accommodation etc. !
Seems like there’s should be a simple invitation to all those who can make it. Not, an “invite” to the wealthier, the better types, will be more welcome!”
‘Amaroo’ replied…
“Reading the comments here I see we need to clarify a few things. Firstly please go to the Registration Link here and read this page carefully. Special circumstances and financial hardship are both covered. As well the Swagman Campground offers a very reasonable package for the week.The post is here to alert people that the generous early bird pricing finishes on June 21st. There is no other intent.”

I wasn’t impressed with the seemingly excessive cost of registration this year until I discovered that “the cost calculation for each guest at Amaroo is about $AU 450 (based on last year’s numbers). This covers provision of clean toilets, fresh water, security, medical, shuttles and all basic services for a simple guest walking in. Last year’s discount price of $AU180 did not cover the cost … and actually made a loss.” And…”There are a couple of reasons for the different fees for onsite and offsite guests. Onsite guests are supporting Amaroo with the cost of their accommodation, so their entry fee is lower, whereas offsite guests are only paying the entry fee. Also, we are keen to encourage people to stay onsite, as the logistics are difficult with more people staying offsite.”

To my great surprise I heard recently that some folk who were quite well off had scammed their way into previous Amaroo events with a minimal contribution or none at all. This year, “Other people may be in difficult or even dire circumstances but not be eligible for the Newstart allowance and may even be dependent on charitable support. Once again these cases will be referred to the Board of Directors for a decision.
Please send your request directly to the General Enquiries Helpdesk for a discounted entry fee if you receive another allowance outside of those stated here or are in difficult financial circumstances and not on welfare or student payments.”
So, entry does not depend on anyone’s bank balance. Keep in mind that a venue of this quality is not cheap to continually upgrade and maintain.
Some people have had issues registering on-line, for example. That happened to me last year due to the loss of my smart card. Eventually I got it sorted. Hang in there.


1. For those folk planning a trip down under in September, don’t book your departure flight any earlier than late afternoon on the day after the event.  On the day following the event you can guarantee that there will be a high demand for those early morning buses. Don’t risk a morning flight. Shuttle buses are supposed to start running at 4AM the day following the event and in the evening until 8PM from an hour after the event ends.

2. ‘The Swag’ has always been my favourite option, but if you are taking your own tent, please remember to take a blow up mattress or something to insulate your sleeping bag from the ground. A ground sheet won’t do the job. I can tell you that from personal experience. The ground gets pretty cold at night.

Good times
Guaranteed in my experience. This video says it all without words.

That reminded me of the 1970s, but much better. I suddenly feel terribly old.

Down on the farm ~ the vegies, the chooks, the piglets, the wallabies…

This is the promotional film clip for the farm. It had its World Premiere on Sunday.It will show on the Peak Organics website and on the Peak Organics Face Book page.

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Where have all the videos gone?

A while ago I felt the need for some inspiration, and I went looking for one of Prem Rawat’s videos – something that seemed right for the occasion. Up came the Words of Peace Global web site, but where were all the videos? The short selections, the full one hour plus selections, the themed selections, the interviews, and the very short ‘wake up and check out reality’ videos; none could be found. Then I went over to you tube, typed in Prem Rawat, and WALLA! There they all were. It makes sense I suppose.

New Short Videos ~ A voice of sanity in a world of chaos

Thanks Janice for providing the links to these short videos of Prem Rawat. With mayhem seemingly on the increase, and with egomaniac bullshit artists attempting to run governments, there has never been a greater need for a voice of sanity.

Here it is folks. Dive in and enjoy…

A Message of Transformation 2017
“This is what I offer, and I call it Knowledge.” Prem Rabat.

The baby is a baby

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The Lamp