the sweetest well ~ poem

the sweetest well ~

there is a well of sweetness inside of me
I can drink from
that brings beautiful love filling me
these joyous waters quench a deep thirst
a wish , a need to be in peace
while breath flows
I can drink
from this golden well in me
really happy it sets me free
silly wisdom envelops
even the vapors of this well bring delight
but drinking deeply is my true rest , fulfillment
the sweet one in me arises
gratitude pours
blessings abound
nectar drips
my well turns out to be an ocean
I drown merrily

~ janice barden- wilson

happy new year everyone * 2017 *

* my new years wish for us all *
be a peace maker
any which way you can
hate is boiling over in this world
be a lover of life
be a kind being
work for dignity
humanity for all
give compassion
arise into the
joyful fun
of life on earth
work the good in all
the sweetness in me
honors the sweetness
in you
we are joy lovers
we are peace lovers
let’s celebrate life
~ janice wilson

and we need stu or other here to tell us a good new years joke




TPRF Forums with Prem Rawat in South Africa

One of the points that Rawat emphasizes is self-awareness. “Knowing yourself begins with a simple introspection and then there is a very beautiful way to be able to do this introspection through a programme that I’m offering called the Peace Education Programme. It has benefited so many people – in prisons, in military, in the police force; everybody is discovering that they are not limited by their own imagination but there is a whole dimension to understand that there is courage in you. When you understand the courage within, you start to understand who you are. You understand that the components that are within you are powerful – kindness is in you all the time of course so is anger and hatred but joy is in you, love, understanding, forgiveness and we have only used one spectrum of ourselves – hate. People are convinced that attaining peace is not possible. Without peace the fabric of society is going to fall apart. Nothing is gluing us together.”

TPRF Forums with Prem Rawat Garner Press Coverage in South Africa