What distinguishes The Prem Rawat Foundation from other organizations?

“While TPRF is a relatively small foundation, it enjoys worldwide support from people in 50 countries because of the nature of the founder’s international work. Much support comes in the form of volunteering time and talent. We are also a virtual company with no physical offices. Both of these factors allow us to keep a low overhead.

All of TPRF’s work is guided by the principles of Dignity, Peace, and Prosperity. The people we work with are treated with great respect for their dignity, for their worth as a human being, rather than as people in need of help. Our programs are designed to help people with essential needs so that they have a chance to turn their own lives around in spite of the challenges they face.

In the case of the Food for People (FFP) program, we have discovered that providing one nutritious hot meal a day to children and ailing adults in their local cuisine has been enough to bring about significant changes in the whole community. The local leaders participate in decisions about what is needed to ensure that village collaboration is created. The Food for People model develops local ownership, pride, and assurance that the program will continue.

Through the Peace Education Program (PEP), people from all walks of life all over the world discover their own inner strengths and the power of choice, whether they are successful business people, young students, or prison inmates. They are empowered to find fulfillment for themselves, individually. Much like the youngsters receiving food from FFP, they find their own dignity based on understanding their innate worth as a human being.

These programs offer far more than food and education. They offer individuals a well of resources that last as long as they choose to use them.”

An telum u luvum….

“I’m passing this on because it worked for me today.

A doctor on TV said to have inner peace we should always finish things we start and we all could use more calm in our lives.

I looked through my house to find things I’d started and hadn’t finished, so I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminun psrcriptuns, an a box a chocletz.

Yu haf no idr how feckin fablus I feel rite now.

Sned this to all who need inner piss.  An telum u luvum.”

The moral of this story,
the moral of this song,
is do not take advice from quacks.
They’re likely to be wrong.







33 years ago an Australian Labor Party Government introduced truly affordable health care for all Australians. The system works. Doctors love it, and their patients love it. What a pity that the US government under President Frump can’t organize something similar for Americans.

TPRF’s New Era Appeal exceeds target ~ videos and message from Daya

Welcoming A New Era Appeal

“I am thrilled to report that the 2016 Welcoming a New Era Appeal has exceeded its goal, reaching a final total of US$192,794!

Not only does this mean that we will be starting the new year in a position to move forward with numerous projects and initiatives, but it means that the work of the Foundation represents the energy, dedication, and vision of thousands of supporters from around the world!

This is the real story: together, with a vision of peace being essential for each individual, we form a powerful and meaningful force for peace in this troubled world. This makes a life-changing difference to many people, each of whom, in turn, reaches out to others.

All four videos sent with the New Era Appeal continue to be available for viewing below.

With love and heartfelt thanks,”

Daya Rawat

December 10th…

My message is about the possibility 
of the ultimate betterment 
of a human being ~ 
not of mankind, not of a country, 
not of a social belief, but of a human being. 

And it is not through religion or doctrine,
 nor through ideas or concepts. 
Neither is it through hearsay or repetition, 
or through the ‘sheep effect.’ 

It is through each individual exploring 
and finding the beauty within themselves. ~ Prem Rawat

…and that’s why this web site exists.



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TPRF review ~ one of many
“There are many great nonprofits which deserve our support. My personal choice is TPRF As well as its humanitarian aid centered around key essentials such as clean water ,nutritious food and eye care it provides a inspiring message of peace regardless of race religion or lifestyle. Its Peace Education Programs – designed to be used in a variety of organizations – have recently nurtured the feeling of peace in many prison environments throughout the world. TPRF’s core people are small in number but large in heart. This enables that the maximum amount of funds end up where the most good can be done. The Foundation chooses their partners wisely to facilitate aid as quickly as possible and to support self reliance and accountability amongst recipients. With great confidence I can recommend this Foundation to anyone wanting to make a difference.”  by Gary M