2000 copies of Prem Rawat’s illustrated book donated to schools in Fukushima

I was really surprised to find out that some schools in the Fukushima area had reopened given the enormous scale of the nuclear tragedy and the resulting radioactivity in that area. I’m guessing the schools must be quite a way from the crippled reactor. Japan’s Chernobyl is etched indelibly on my consciousness. On the day of the tsunami my wife and I watched the awful images and red line on the TV inset map as destructive waves moved down the coast. As it reached the Kii peninsular we packed some essentials in the car, picked up our daughter from school and headed for the hills, listening all the while to reports of mayhem and horror on the radio.

This October in Fukushima a special Kifubon donation ceremony will take place. Schools in that Norther area of Japan will receive 2000 copies of Prem Rawat’s inspirational book, Splitting the Arrow.
It seems very likely that several hundred copies of Prem’s new illustrated book, The Stonecutter, will also be donated.
Photo below shows school kids in Fukushima in 2016 listening to Prem read from his illustrated book, The Pot With the Hole.

Next photo shows the cover of Prem’s new book, however, the title in Japanese translates to something like, ‘I wish I could become…’ (Naritai naa!) Apparently it’s published as The Stonecutter in English. The caption in the yellow band at the bottom of the page ( Honto no shiawase wa, anata no kokoro no naka ni aru no desu.) means ‘True happiness is inside your heart.’ How true that is!

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