Timeless Today ~ Crowd funding with perks

Timeless Today is a broadcast platform created to circulate video, audio and other media derived from Prem Rawat’s interviews, engagements and public events.
From the Timeless Today web site:
“Media production begins with the producers’ strategic planning; next, skilled audio/visual crews capture the opportunities. Then, hours of crafting takes place in the post-production creative suite before the final product is delivered.”
Crowd funding in 2016 “allowed us to accomplish numerous projects, including sending our capture crew to cover live events in India, South Africa, UK, South America, and the USA. Via radio & TV interviews, book launches, and prison engagements, Prem Rawat’s message has reached over 125 million people this year.”
A new crowd funding effort for 2017 has been launched “in support of media production costs for current and new projects at TimelessToday, including the completion of the TimelessToday app and a new type of live, online event platform with Prem.”
“Whether he is speaking at a public address, a private gathering, or engaged in a compelling one-to-one conversation for TV, TimelessToday wants to be there to record Prem’s thoughts and feelings.  Why?  For the sole purpose of sharing his understanding and insights with you! Our goal of US$300,000 will go towards capture and production costs for the remainder of 2017 and into the first quarter of 2018.”
Contributions are divided into several tiers starting with a Tier 1 contribution of US25. To express their gratitude, Timeless Today is offering perks with each tier.
Tier 1:  US$25
• You will be one of the first to receive the new AUDIO release from Prem Rawat’s closing address from the upcoming celebration in Amaroo, Australia.
• You will also receive the artistic short VIDEO entitled Where Courage Resides. This powerfully evocative piece reminds us who we are at heart.


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