2 thoughts on “Inspirational Videos Galore”

  1. Wow Geoff…You show us awesome stuff here…I wish I had the time like the ‘old days’ to write huge volumes of words to compliment all the work you are showing us here..you have kept Janice and myself in the loop…without either of us knowing about it ..or thinking about any of this stuff…I do not know what Janice has been doing nor does she keep track of me that close but we do manage to say hi electronically from time to time…Sitting here now; it is early morning with a cup of coffee and a to-do list in my brain that never ever shuts up or off…ha!
    WOW Geoff…you are seemingly enjoying your life…that is so amazing bro’….that is a miracle…everything is so easily caught in the grasp of the mundane and the black hole of depression that I am amazed when I hear of a person who knows whats what…can’t fake that stuff…you see thru all of this to hold true to what you know is possible and to what you and all of us truly are…children of a higher power…
    Thank You ever so much young fella…
    m.stumandu…reluctant monk…

    1. Good Sir Stumandu,
      Your kind words are a blessing. Thank you. Janice is the benevolent deva behind most of the inspirational links and quotes here. I am just a spark rising from her fire, but I love sharing this stuff with folks ~ anyone who might stumble upon this corner of cyber space.
      Amaroo is fast approaching. I’ll do what I can to convey in words and photos a little of the joy of the occasion.
      Apart from myself, there are only two members here, you and Janice. Maybe I should open this place up to more good folk.
      Cheers mate. All the very best to you.

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