News from the Belfast event

I attended the Belfast event. The evening was themed with the accent on ‘Belonging.’ The format for the event was , for me, unexpected. The evening began with a local stand up comic taking to the stage. as what appeared to be a warm up act for the audience.
Personally I didn’t need warming up I just wanted to hear Prem speak. Eventually Prem was introduced and came on stage to a standing ovation. He took his position on a 2 seater couch against an orange backdrop – very informal – and began to play with the audience. He spoke about the recent heatwave in the UK and brought it back to the time when planet earth was just a mass of burning rock. He explained how everything we now know stemmed from that. thus we’re all alive and belong, We’re all part of that evolution.
He spoke about current times and how peace had been lost. Again he toyed with the audience asking who has created this. Saying it wasn’t the polar bears it wasn’t the squirrels etc, and in fact it was us, the human being. Continuing the animal theme he pointed out how the animals don’t intellectualize they just get on with what they’re doing. He expanded by speaking about the squirrel, describing it as like a rat with a fluffy tail, but was an incredible gardener. This little animal collects an buries seeds but forgets where he buries most of them. because of that simple natural act whole forests grow. He went on to speak about how a lit candle will light another candle without diminishing it’s own brightness and how we don’t need a clear path ahead of us we just need light to see the obstacles.
The fact that we’re alive means we belong, and to really feel this we need to know ourselves There was a 30 minute break where the audience were invited to text question. The second part of the event took the form of an interview. The local comic being the interviewer. Although Prem was very funny in the interview putting his unique perspective on modern living it got a bit political by bringing Trump into the conversation. Another wonderful event that seemed to be appreciated by all. I’m sure Ive missed lots out. Jeff G


Nice recall Jeff. It reminded me of the part where he said that if we are all in a room and the lights go out does that mean that we all disappeared…? No…the lights are just out and it is dark so we cannot see each but we are all still there. We just have to wait for the lights to come back on to see each other. He also spoke again about each one having a special talent and using it and the need to know who we are in order to know and use our talent. He spoke about how this moment has been billions of years in the making to arrive where we each are today and to “put on your make up and get on with the show”. He spoke about how amazing seeds are that they can exist for thousands of years in the Earth just waiting for the perfect moment when they will bloom. He spoke about the need to have hope. Amy S

He also spoke about the very unpopular president of a very great country and how it is being made ungreat and…some great analogies. He said that someone has to say it. He said the world needs hope and that he is trying…. Very heart-pulling kindness.