Colours of the mind ~ Translation of a radio Interview with Prem Rawat at Mumbai, 21st April 2017.

Interviewer: Is it possible for a person who is living in a city like Mumbai or any other Metropolitan city, where people are always in hurry and rushing to their work and in this hurry everyone seems to be very worried, so is it possible to experience peace in such condition or it very hard to achieve the same?

Prem Rawat: There are many colours of the mind. The mind is always changing its colour. He is very rare whose mind does not change colour. One who ready to be in a state of single colour, the colour that emits from inside of every human, the colour that is already present, the colour that doesn’t needs to be brought from somewhere else.

Be it any city – Mumbai, New York or any metropolitan city people are in a constant race of acquiring the colour they see, the colour that is constantly changing and not the true colour they hold within themselves.

Everything that we see outside is going to change and as we make our move to acquire things that are not within us, the want will never be satisfied.

Interviewer: As we are living here in Mumbai, every other person that lands in this city has aspirations that are predefined either be it having their looks that resemble the celebrities etc. (Mumbai is home to Bollywood).
Is it correct for the people who are constantly running behind such things or is it wrong??

Prem Rawat: It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about why people are running behind such things, because they are not aware about their true self. If they know who they actually are, that would be something beneficial. In a similar situation where a deer roams the forest in search of that peculiar smell of musk, ignorant of the fact that the smell is emanating from himself.

The thing that we are searching for outside is inside of us ,and if we are introduced to ourself we won’t be running outside to imitate somebody else. People are not aware about themselves and are trying to become someone or imitate someone that they actually aren’t. But if people realize that even they are humans and even we are the same, the process of imitation would eventually end. The thing that resides within us is also residing in all other humans on the face of this planet. That is equalizer, the Grand equalizer.

I am not saying that having an ambition in life is a bad thing, but the ambition should be in a moderate state. At a point where the ambition exceeds the limit of moderation then it becomes hurtful and eventually leads to a phase where it becomes very difficult for a person to realign himself with the truth.

Interviewer: So the introduction to self is the most important thing. Whenever people introduce themselves they describe their life, good job, the salary etc, yet there is need for something more, people lack satisfaction. What are your views about that?

Prem Rawat: Because we have already defined a formula for everything, whenever you ask someone – Are you successful? – the thing with success is that it’s not objective it’s subjective. It means a person should feel it regardless of the fact that the person owns a car, mansion, etc. A person should feel successful within himself, and the materialistic things shouldn’t be used a parameter to define success.

e.g. If I have food in front of me also in my refrigerator and also in my car that doesn’t mean that I’m not hungry, If I have not had the food, obviously I would be hungry. Similarly there is no formula for both hunger as well as being successful when they are measured in the parameters of possessing things.

Coming to the point we tend to forget that the true satisfaction resides within each one of us, because the formulas defined by the world tell us to do this and that, but the real satisfaction is deep within.

Things that we see outside are our wants and not our needs. There is no problem in fulfilling our wants, but one should remember that the need is to be fulfilled first. Peace is our need, not want. ‘Want’ can be anything like television, telephone, etc, So the satisfaction lies within us and peace is our fundamental Need.

Interviewer: A question from one of the listeners: Whenever a person talks on the topic of peace with the youngsters, they rarely understand it, nor they are interested in conversation about the same, so what should be done?

Prem Rawat: There is word called Boring. They have predefined peace as boring, they want to have parties, they want fun, want excitement in their lives, and when they hear anything about peace they think they need to venture out on some of the peaks of the Himalayas, or go to a temple instead and this is peace, i.e., boring.

No, peace isn’t boring, peace is the most exciting thing there is because peace is already inside of you. Peace has always been within you and wants to dance with you, wants to party with you, what kind of party? Party of life, party of living, party of this existence, party of being alive, breathing, seeing. Understanding all these things defines peace. Peace is not that you are sitting all alone, not talking to anyone by closing your eyes.

People who know what real peace is, experience it with their eyes open, experience it by open heart by embracing every second of this life not by shunning, but by embracing taking it along with themselves. This is peace and it isn’t Boring.

Interviewer: Absolutely right. Listening to you I guess peace is something that brings a lot of positivity and encourages us to do more with life.

Prem Rawat: Yes, this is exciting, this is the life.

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