TPRF’s New Era Appeal exceeds target ~ videos and message from Daya

Welcoming A New Era Appeal

“I am thrilled to report that the 2016 Welcoming a New Era Appeal has exceeded its goal, reaching a final total of US$192,794!

Not only does this mean that we will be starting the new year in a position to move forward with numerous projects and initiatives, but it means that the work of the Foundation represents the energy, dedication, and vision of thousands of supporters from around the world!

This is the real story: together, with a vision of peace being essential for each individual, we form a powerful and meaningful force for peace in this troubled world. This makes a life-changing difference to many people, each of whom, in turn, reaches out to others.

All four videos sent with the New Era Appeal continue to be available for viewing below.

With love and heartfelt thanks,”

Daya Rawat