TPRF Forums with Prem Rawat in South Africa

One of the points that Rawat emphasizes is self-awareness. “Knowing yourself begins with a simple introspection and then there is a very beautiful way to be able to do this introspection through a programme that I’m offering called the Peace Education Programme. It has benefited so many people – in prisons, in military, in the police force; everybody is discovering that they are not limited by their own imagination but there is a whole dimension to understand that there is courage in you. When you understand the courage within, you start to understand who you are. You understand that the components that are within you are powerful – kindness is in you all the time of course so is anger and hatred but joy is in you, love, understanding, forgiveness and we have only used one spectrum of ourselves – hate. People are convinced that attaining peace is not possible. Without peace the fabric of society is going to fall apart. Nothing is gluing us together.”

TPRF Forums with Prem Rawat Garner Press Coverage in South Africa

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  1. The fabric of society is shot full of holes and falling apart at the seams. Mayhem, rampant exploitation, rampant corruption, governments run by liars and con men: There has never been a more urgent need for real peace on a personal level.
    Its good to see a few media outlets giving some coverage to the solution.

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