December 10th…

My message is about the possibility 
of the ultimate betterment 
of a human being ~ 
not of mankind, not of a country, 
not of a social belief, but of a human being. 

And it is not through religion or doctrine,
 nor through ideas or concepts. 
Neither is it through hearsay or repetition, 
or through the ‘sheep effect.’ 

It is through each individual exploring 
and finding the beauty within themselves. ~ Prem Rawat

…and that’s why this web site exists.



1 thought on “December 10th…”

  1. thank you prem for all you do
    for me and all around the world
    I know i am not the only one
    who values you whole heartedly
    much love and gratitude,
    endless really,
    thank you , thank you , thank you ,

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