1 thought on “Amaroo – 2016 – video on vimeo – excellent”

  1. Nice reminder. Thanks Janice 🙂
    We had one day of teaming rain ~ Wednesday. It eased off in the afternoon and the weather smiled on us the rest of the week. Most people were hanging out under the cover of the pavilion and the many surrounding marquee tents, so Prem decided to come and see us there in the midst of the downpour. It was pissing with rain as he arrived. Some footage of that morning is included in the video. I was found a chair not far from the makeshift stage just near the audio control table. It was a lot of fun in spite of the rain. Before Prem arrived an American lady insisted on standing almost directly in front of my chair, so I said rather loudly, “Madam, your arse is on fire. Step into the rain and put it out.” Eventually she and a few other people moved a bit, so all was OK. The parking lot was the only real casualty. I’ve got a 4WD so I managed to drive through the bog. Quite a few other folk got stuck in it, so a tractor was used to pull them out. Next day we used a couple of other paddocks for parking. That’s one or the advantages of such a large, versatile location. The entire week was brilliant beyond words. I still hold the feeling in my heart. Thank you, Prem Rawat. As he said at one point, “I do this because I love it.” And so do I.

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