Amaroo 2016: Not an event ~ a Celebration

Prem was right. This was no ordinary event. In every sense it was a celebration of 50 years of unrelenting effort on his part. He set out from the start to convey his ideas about a lot of topics that he doesn’t normally address at public events. He covered so much that any attempt by me to paraphrase bits of it would be almost insulting. Instead I’ll recount just a little of it in terms of my own transformation over 5 days, having the reset button pushed, stripping away layers of internal rubbish, and soaking up food for the heart  that was off the scale of any chart I could imagine.

If you weren’t there and you are reading this, my words probably seem odd. Call it an event or call it a celebration, it was outside the realm of normal human experience. A video of the first day is available at timeless today. Lets hope more becomes available soon.

A lot of people want to meet Prem Rawat, to talk with him and maybe spend some time with him. I don’t. The idea has never appealed to me. For starters, I don’t like to intrude. I value my own privacy, so I can understand that Prem would also value his. He gave me an absolutely priceless gift, and he keeps on giving, but after trying to thank him, what would there be left to say? I’m just happy to be there in the audience, and to soak it in. If I got to meet him, would same dynamic be happening?

Tuesday morning was riveting. Time disappeared. At one point he shouted, “Some people don’t get it! This is not a business! There’s no contract. I don’t get paid to be here. I do it because I love it.” At about that point he became quite emotional as the audience responded with a standing ovation. It’s the transformation he sees. He wants to see us “reach our full potential.”

Therein lies the challenge – to do something I’ve never done before. Its so easy to practice for an hour, get up and revert to the same reactionary behaviour that happens around me. That has to change. Its time I let a bit of clarity manifest.

Every day was amazing. It was a joy to be there. I’ll be away due to commitments but I’ll jot down a few notes and maybe add more when circumstances permit. There will be detailed accounts elsewhere, but I’ve got to add that Daya has the most amazing voice. Her version of John Lennon’s song, Imagine, is something else. I should also add that he thanked us all profusely for the help that we have / are giving him.stagetrail1trail2chris_dayapavilionfoodalleyfoodalley2relentlessrelentless2

5 thoughts on “Amaroo 2016: Not an event ~ a Celebration”

  1. thank you
    to read your account of being there
    it has been an incredible week
    even though i was not there at the live celebration
    so many photos and news coming in on fb
    the aroma has been thick all week
    thanks for adding even more sweetness
    and yes , please share more as you can
    i’ve seen the first video out
    i hope there will be more
    but each little bit
    adds to the celebration of life
    at amaroo and every where on earth

    1. I just wanted to add that those photos of ‘food alley’ (my term) were taken late in the day when a lot of folk were already making their way to the amphitheater. The resulting photos were pretty much devoid of people. Compared with the event last year there were nearly double the the number of food outlets offering more variety – enough to cater to a town of around four and a half thousand people for 5 days with less waiting time. It was a truly international peace celebration.
      Of course, the catastrophic fiasco we see whenever we watch a TV news broadcast is a largely due to certain factors and certain people that Prem referred to in scathing terms. One such would be political aspirant whose name rhymes with FRUMP came in for a special mention. You might be pleased to know that he is in favor of women taking over national leadership roles due to the fact that men are responsible for the current catastrophic state, and the probability that if women were in charge there would be fewer wars.

      1. yes after giving birth to children
        most women would not offer them
        up to stupid wars the way men do !
        thanks for this encouraging news

  2. Thank You Geoff….Thank You get all the benefits of being there…and I just get the benefits of practicing what he recommends…that about sums it up…
    There are only so many words for any of this..and I grow tired from so many detours and start overs and mistakes in my life…I should be ashamed..I have had all the direction and the encouragement from him over decades yet I still feel old and tired…and missing the point.

    ….and it gets reinforced when I try to express myself to other people…..but you were there…you heard him speak 1st hand..even if video comes out..a lot of the cool stuff…the wisecracks..the earthy joking around… will be edited out…but I still have a great time here in my rat hole..morning practice..then dream the days away in my garden or doing endless chores…

    best to the Geoff Experience…

    yours in Truth

    Gindi Baba

    1. Hey Stu Baba,
      If you said any of that to Prem, most likely he would say something like, ‘No point judging yourself, letting the judge in your head find you guilty of some alleged misdemeanour, and then beat you up for it. Its a trap. Ignore it!’ I don’t really know what he would say, but I remember him saying, “We don’t celebrate life, we celebrate problems.” He’s right because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.
      He made a point of extending his thanks to all the people who couldn’t make it there for their efforts in helping him, and that includes you, bro! How many thousands of people got to hear him and benefit from his NY cable TV broadcasts, and who delivered the CDs? One thing I can do is pass on his heartfelt thanks.
      There was a lady in the audience, he spotted her sitting there and said, “I owe you an apology.” A few years ago when they were headlong into producing TV broadcast material, she tried to convince him to go for radio. He didn’t take her advice. Then on “Super Tuesday”as he calls it (May 17th?) he gave radio a shot. The audience reach was around 25 million, and believe me, the audience feedback was incredible. Talk about wisdom! He has it in truck loads, and the audience loved it. They set up a camera in the radio station and we got to see the resulting video. Lets hope it gets publicly released. It will blow you away.
      Cheers đŸ™‚

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