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Dear Friends,

Its Summer in Japan and the rice is growing tall in the paddy fields.

Prem Rawat`s illustrated book The Pot with the Hole is about to go into the printing press.

As with Splitting the Arrow Bunya are organising a Kifubon (book donation) campaign for the illustrated book and we have already gathered several hundred book’s worth of donations.

Our first goal is to donate 1134 books, 1 to every orphanage in Japan and to elementary schools, nurseries and public libraries of the Fukushima region that was devastated by the Tsunami in 2011. Many of the children who read and enjoyed Splitting the Arrow and are eagerly awaiting the illustrated book.

These donated books are being read and enjoyed by people who are very grateful like the children and staff at Nishiyotoke orphanage:

“We would like to express our sincere thanks for sending Splitting the Arrow to our orphanage. We currently care for 52 children and young adults between the ages of 1~18. Upon reading this wonderful book all the staff were agreed, that this was an ideal book to help nurture positive growth within the children and indeed amongst the staff as well.

We read sections of the book before bed and each child has their own favourite story. The hedgehog character is also a big hit with the kids. Many nights the kids themselves will take Splitting the Arrow from the shelf and demand that we read it to them.

All of us at our orphanage hope that Prem’s message about the importance of having a peaceful heart will spread and be known by all the people of the world.

Please send Prem sincere thanks from all of the staff and children at the Nishiyotoku orphanage”.

You can donate on our website here from just 1 copy, 30 or 60 copies, alternatively you can donate a sum of your choice and Bunya will convert that into as many Kifubon books as possible.

Bunya will post updates of the Kifubon activities and results through our mail magazine and website.

Bunya are also pleased to announce that the 90 minute DVD documenting the book launches around Japan in 2015 in now available on amazon in the and can be delivered to anywhere in Europe and the USA.

Here is a link to a 6 minute preview of the DVD on youtube.

As always we are very appreciative of your support.

“This is not the time to hope that someone else will do good deeds and solve humanities problems.

It is the time for each human being to do whatever they can do,

on their field, at their own level”.

Yutaka Kinoshita


Bunya Publishing

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